Abandon | 2015

By November 25, 2016 Projects
Artworks By:

Philippe Calia, Uzma Mohsin and Ronny Sen

Conversation with:

Rahaab Allana


New Delhi

In the end, it is about residue and the evidence of what remains. A postcard sent home that perhaps never reaches; a discarded glove that eerily indicates signs of life and an apocalyptic landscape anticipating a haunting future suffused with smoke and ash. How is an intervention possible when time has run out? Can one subtract from experiences in order to save time? When location is a labyrinthine entity, the act of imaging presents a radical doubt. What is a utopia but bereft of reality; what is displacement, but a return to centre?
Abandon, a photography exercise featuring the works of Philippe Calia, Uzma Mohsin and Ronny Sen – a conversation with Rahaab Allana was on view from 12 – 31 March 2015 at 24, Jor Bagh