24 Jor Bagh, New Delhi

‘And Sometimes, She Loved Me Too’

A film and exhibit by Karan Talwar
The exhibit and film owed it’s inspiration to the Museum of Ordinary Objects.

‘And Sometimes, She Loved Me Too’ was an ode to objects and how we remember. Using a film and an exhibit around it, the experience attempted to draw in the viewer in the world of ordinary objects.

Objects are memory portals; into worlds deeply personal and profoundly universal. In their quiet, unassuming, unexpected ways, objects speak of us; and our times. They carry marks of their lives with us. A crack, a stain, an energy; that can be seen, smelt, touched and felt.

We move in time through objects, remembering and forgetting. They bring forth associations we have long left behind and bring us closer to new feelings, all with their unsaid and non-judgmental grace.