‘Earth Light’ by Rohini Devasher

By February 6, 2018 Explore

Mayank Kaul, Vishal Dar & Feroze Gujral


New Delhi

Presentation and discussion among various professionals from different fields of design –

1. Aradhana Seth (scenographer & film production designer)
2. Chiara Nath (graphic designer)
3. Feroz Gujral (curator & art collector)
4. Mayank Kaul (textile & fashion designer)
5. Meher Verma (brand consultant)
6. Rashmi Verma (fashion designer)
7. Samit Das (visual artist and curator)
8. Shinjita Roy (architect & dancer)
9. Srishti Bajaj (product designer and educator)
10.Vishal K Dar (architect & visual artist)