Venue: Open Forum at Tate Exchange, London

Imagined Biennales

Imagined Biennales – Open Forum at Tate Exchange

13 May 2018
Tate Modern

The proliferation of biennales and other perennial art events around the world reveal huge energy, creativity and social engagement within the sphere of contemporary art. Whether operating at hyper-local, local, national or international levels, these events are always more than the art they represent. They are about people, places, histories, social enterprise and the political aesthetic. But equally, they can be homogenizing forces and complacent about the ‘value’ of art. What do we want from our biennales and how do we get it?

Imagined Communities invited as wide a range of voices as possible to share in current practice and to pitch new ideas. What does a biennale look like and what do want it to look like? Echoing the format of TED talks, noted for short, but well-informed talks, we welcomed presentations in person, short films or online streamed presentations as part of an afternoon at Tate Exchange. The best ideas and presentations were invited for inclusion in a publication How to Biennale: A manual for staging perennial art events.