Vishal K Dar


Shanghai, China

Pursuing the objective of creating and facilitating opportunities for leading artists on the international art scene, The Gujral Foundation’s project Storm Deities (Maruts) was a site-specific and immersive light installation by Indian artist Vishal K Dar. The work was installed in the iconic chimney of the Power Station of Art at the 11th Shanghai Biennale, from 11 November 2016 till 12 March 2017.

In the belly of a 165 metre tall industrial chimney of an old defunct thermal power station in Shanghai, Dar re-imagined Maruts, the storm deities as seven oscillating beams of light set to varying metronomic meters created a hallucinatory zone, each beam of light an object with a distinct time-code. The base of the chimney was transformed into a reflective pool. The notion of presence, of being in the midst of the work, was central to the experience of Maruts.

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