Anouck Durand | Anshika Varma | Asmita Parelkar | Baptiste Rabichon | Charles Fréger | Dhruv Malhotra | François Burgun | Indu Antony | Laetitia D’Aboville | Marion Gronier | Philippe Pétremant | Sohrab Hura | Sukanya Ghosh | Thierry Fontaine | Vibha Galhotra | Yannick Cormier


Rahab Allana & Francois Cheval


24 Jor Bagh, New Delhi


Photography and image-making explore multitudes, borne of artistic, social and political impulses. Instinctive and evolving, it is a media through which spectatorship also takes precedence – invoking the self, yet concurrently urging comparative readings around location and situatedness.

The French and Indian artists here contemplated their respective environments, while some reacted to the site of the exhibition itself, probing public and private zones as contradicting and converging realms of encounter – playful, menacing and yet, in perennial conversation. Engaged with the process of creation itself, a conceptual space mutated into a physical one.

Scenography by Sudeep Chaudhari

Presented by Institut français en Inde and The Gujral Foundation
Supported by Alkazi Foundation for the Arts