Gati Dance Forum, New Delhi

REGIMES OF TRUTH | An In-Progress Viewing

24 – 29 April
Gati Dance Forum. New Delhi

Featured: Arko Datto | Asim Waqif | Mandeep Raikhy | Payal Arya | Samar Grewal | Sandip Kuriakose

Curated by: Shaunak Mahbubani

We witnessed an attempt to spread new historical, communal, and emotional narratives with a speed and perseverance unseen in the post-independence era. The promoters of this populist ideology managed to bring minds into their hold across class and geography through a combination of on-ground community vigilance, tight control over news-media, and clever use of digital media strategies.

Foucault’s notion of Knowledge-Power gave us a framework to critically examine the fabrication of these new ‘regimes of truth’. We traced his idea that power is not solely a destructive force, but also a ‘producer of reality’. Control over knowledge, through surveillance and censorship as we see today, allowed the state to build and propagate narratives that will consolidate its political power for the next electoral cycle. The exhibition documented this phenomenon as it occured around us, while simultaneously trying to understand it and its implications further.

This exploratory ‘in-progress’ viewing presented a subset of the final exhibition, featured Arko Datto’s photographs of commonplace surveillance, Mandeep Raikhy’s diffused movement piece performed to Samar Grewal’s charged composition, Asim Waqif’s commentary on news media, Sandip Kuriakose’s document as a testimony to discrimination, and Payal Arya’s landscape of hazed diversions.

The final exhibition concept, part two of the ongoing series ‘Allies for the Uncertain Futures’ curated by Shaunak Mahbubani, was chosen for an Apexart international exhibition grant, and was exhibited in late 2018.