Tejal Shah


Maya Kóvskaya, PhD


24 Jor Bagh, New Delhi

Some Kind of Nature | 2014

Long preoccupied with the workings of biopower and the power of the erotic, Shah has expanded her practice over time into an exploration of nested sets of relations that reconfigure our modes of being and belonging. From the constitution of selves, to lovers and families, from societies and polities to citizens and nations, Shah’s work has examined humanity in its spectrum of permutations, showing us the vulnerable, the erotic, the celebratory, the violent, and the compassionate expressions of our “nature,” questioning simultaneously, what kind of “nature” ours could be at all and how might we be and live otherwise, as individuals, as members of collectives, and as part of the natural world itself.

The organic evolution of these investigations has led Shah towards an opening up of an art practice that extends both deeper into and also beyond the all-too-human, towards engagements with the more-than-human life forms. The works presented here sought to articulate new forms of communication, cooperation, community, and communion that offered the possibility of re-membering our collective arrangements and our place in the great family of things in this fragile world we all share.
Maya Kóvskaya, PhD