Stone Paper Pillar | 2016


Ayesha Singh


New Delhi

An exhibition by artist Ayesha Singh, whose works at “Stone, Paper, Pillar” drew attention to the evolution of the
column from a structural need to a decorative want. With an interest in creating new spaces in pre-existing
architecture, Singh uses scale to investigate the malleability of space in both its physical and illusionary

Columns, New Delhi (2016) is an installation of large-format photographs that can be walked around and
experienced. The works simultaneously create and fragment the viewers visual and physical experience of the
interior. Referencing facade-like architectural creations, the images can only be viewed from on one side. Singh’s
work is informed by hybrid constructions that emulate architectural tropes from various countries and cultures,
often making themselves incongruous to their physical location. The content of the work draws attention to purely
aesthetic, non-functional and non-structural elements in Delhi’s architecture. Evolution (2017) is a wall piece that
outlines the progression of the capitals of columns, from Egyptian, Greek, Roman to its appropriation.