Achia Anzi


24 Jor Bagh, New Delhi

The Silent Call of The Earth | Achia Anzi 2015

Anzi drilled holes into the floors and walls resembling secret routes of transit. Shooting out of a void around the stairwell was a 20-foot brick kiln chimney that ended just short of the ceiling. It created an air of claustrophobia and brought to mind the brick industry that leaches the land of its fertility.

The exhibition was described as a laboratory of sorts where Anzi has experimented with various objects, like the kiln, the disused parking meter, an excavated gas marker and a large rectangular structure that hung in the centre of one of the rooms. Meanwhile outside in the garden, metal rods ‘grew’ in a patch of overturned earth, replacing the fields of wheat, rice and barley that are usually cultivated on agrarian pastures. Through this work Anzi addressed the tug between settled and developed cities and the rural life of agrarian society.