Zuleikha Chaudhari


24 Jor Bagh, New Delhi

Transparent Performer

The Transparent Performer considered the relationship between the performer and the spectator using scenography as text.

Scenography examines how a space behaves, the interference of construction, material and form, in a given space, empty or filled. Due to its theatrical nature, the interference is ephemeral and transient, bound in a specific time and place that gives up functionality in favor of the speculative act.

Scenographies are often performative environments that are designed not in the sense of being built but of being edited – selected, framed, determined and curated places, series of spaces, points of perspective, ways of looking and routes that provide points of view, frames of vision and vantage points to look from. But this looking is not merely a detached visual activity for the spectator. The looking happens with the whole body. It is choreography. It is a sensorial experience, not unlike that of a performer who engages with his own physicality, space and time in the process of reconstructing himself or constructing an event.