Nov 2 2021 - Nov 2 2021

Future Flex

Artdemic x IAF Open Call
Deep Future
  You don’t want to miss this opportunity. Have your work blown up on the exterior of the opening tent at the India Art Fair 2022 and have it seen by cultural influencers, leaders in the art world and art lovers from around the world.
  The 1,30,000 square foot tent is your canvas and we want you to bring your creative vision to life.
  The theme for the Open Call is the Deep Future. For the first time ever, Artdemic will be reusing and repurposing the Flex tents, giving them a life after the fair. In line with this effort, we want creators to use this canvas to explore the theme of the Deep Future.
  For us, the Deep Future is a bold, far-reaching look at how our actions will decide the planet's future for millennia to come. Art and Culture has the power to change how we fundamentally think and live, which is why we want you to think in the long-term, this means in eras and epochs not days or months.
What does the deep future look like to you?
Do you see a thriving technological and rewilded planet? Is it fantastical and mythical? Or do you see a human-made ecological disaster? Or maybe, your future is one that could have been, had present-day prejudices & colonial hierarchies not existed? Will you illustrate solutions, or problems?
  We want you to root your creations in both knowledge and imagination, but don’t forget the knowledge. Art is powerful when it makes us think about our condition.
  How can you transport people to that place through this canvas, the exterior of a tent that thousands of people will walk into?
  • Nov 2 2021 - Nov 2 2021

  • New Delhi

  • India Art Fair 2022