Oct 4 2021 - Oct 4 2021

Advanced celluloid workshop

We will be back with another Advanced Celluloid workshop from 4th to 18th October 2021 at the Harkat Film Lab, supported by The Gujral Foundation. The workshop will take participants through the entire process of shooting, hand-developing and projecting 16mm black and white reversal film.
  In an age of precise image making with pixels that stare at us with their squared perfection, this workshop allows one to play with the moving image medium, free from any judgement, art markets or Instagram. Handmade films are moving images made with intent, with the medium carrying marks of the human touch. It's not pristine but it evokes a kind of truth. A truth where the maker physically placates themself in the work. The process of making, including all the mistakes, discoveries and the unintentional, all make their way into the final work, lending to its organic form.
  This is an intimate workshop, designed to be with a small group of 8 participants. Each maker will be given 100ft of film to work on their independent projects. The ideal participant is an artist, filmmaker or a creative individual who sees themself working with the medium of film in the future. It is a process driven workshop with a larger view of creating a community of makers working on film.
  The workshop will be conducted over a period of two weeks, which will end with a screening of all the works made, with the artist playing projectionists for their own work.
  Duration: 2 weeks Date: 4 to 18th October 2021
  • Oct 4 2021 - Oct 4 2021

  • Mumbai