Sep 27 2020 - Sep 27 2020

ASIA NOW – Paris Asian Art Fair

The Gujral Foundation is pleased to present To what shore you cross’ by multi-disciplinary Indian artist Remen Chopra W. Van Der Vaart at the upcoming 6th edition of Asia Now (the first European art fair that focuses on Asia’s art scene) from the 21st to 24th October 2020 in Paris, France.

 The artist creates site-specific works using varied media such as photography, drawing, sculpture, textiles, and sound, to reflect upon personal and familial histories of migration.
  Chopra W. Van Der Vaart’s work is a unique assemblage of intimate moments, poetry, and personal objects that were passed on matrilineally, from one generation to the other. She is inspired by architecture and constructs complex monochromatic, performance-based montages that draw significantly from the aesthetics of theatre. The use of light, symmetry, geometry, and patterns, play a key role in her artistic practice. Her work bridges the past, present, and future, where time is seen as a continuous loop of incidences.
At Asia Now, the artist will be working on a series of personal spaces that encapsulate her memories of home, her relationship with the landscape, and a return to the maternal source. She would like to explore further the idea of the earth as feminine and as a sacred space of belonging. This concept manifests itself from a micro-level of personal spaces that evoke memories of home to a macro level of the earth which we call home. Home serves as the leitmotiv in one's history, identity, and sense of belonging.
  • Sep 27 2020 - Sep 27 2020

  • Paris, France

  • Remen Chopra W. Van Der Vaart

21 Oct 2020 – 24 Oct 2020