Jan 31 2022 - Jan 31 2022

Ek Minute Competition

We hosted the Ek Minute film competition, where selected filmmakers got a chance to execute their film ideas on 50ft of 16mm colour stock, and got to shoot on a Bolex H16 or K3 16mm camera. Participants came in with a fantastic and simplistic but engaging 1 minute film idea and Harkat gave them 50ft colour film stock and a camera. The participants developed, scanned and finally screened their film at the 16mm film festival 2021.
Engaging with celluloid film allowed participants a chance to explore a visual language that is specific to the medium. With Ek-minute, we presented an opportunity for filmmakers, artists and scriptwriters to engage with film, to challenge themselves in creating a strong, concise story that fits the one-minute format, and to create a hands-on learning environment. There was no scope here for a second take, there were no changes, only one person looking through the viewfinder and they only saw their images after a week. It's as conscious as it gets in filmmaking. It's a test of rigor, of planning and of clarity in thought
The Harkat Lab is supported by the Gujral Foundation. Selected ideas were produced between 3rd - 6th December and were screened at the 16mm Film Festival 2021.
Duration: 2 Days Dates: 3rd - 6th December 2021
  • Jan 31 2022 - Jan 31 2022

  • Mumbai