Oct 4 2021 - Oct 4 2021

Experimental Practices

From 3rd – 5th September 2021, we organized a workshop titled Experimental Practices Workshop at the Harkat Film Lab, supported by The Gujral Foundation.

Did you know that you could make a film without using a camera at all? Filmmakers and artists have been experimenting with film as a medium for years now and have come up with unique hand working techniques that one can use in order to get creative results when projected.

Celluloid is a versatile medium with multiple possibilities. In the past our team has explored camera-less practices on blank film and found footage — from tinting the film using paints, inks and other stains; scratching & etching for animation, to pasting various materials to the films’ surface that reveal beautiful textures and patterns when projected.

This workshop was an introduction to hand working on film, exploring the above mentioned techniques. On day one, participants learnt various techniques. The remainder of the workshop was designated to developing their own pieces, 1- 2 minutes in length. All films made during the course of the workshop were scanned and made available online, after which participants kept their films.

Duration: 3 Days

Date: 3 to 5th September 2021

  • Oct 4 2021 - Oct 4 2021

  • Mumbai