Jan 20 2011 - Jan 20 2011

Outset India Delhi Launch

For the Outset India Launch in 2011, The Gujral Foundation supported the production of a site-specific installations by Vishal K Dar, Asim Waqif and Paribartana Mohanty. The project was facilitated by Peter Nagy (Director of Nature Morte, Delhi) at 24 Jor Bagh.
Paribartana Mohanty’s videos that were displayed at the exhibition were all part of a project called ‘Dialogue Series – The Figure of the Intellectual’. Like many young artists, the artist too had a long fascination for iconic intellectual figures in the art world, who had influenced his work in many ways. Through these works he choose to converse fictionally with these figures, responded to their work, negotiated with ideologies and created a dialogue.
Vishal K Dar
’s works felt like a waking dream, the viewers meandered through the house witnessing objects such as the Venus de Milo torso in a toilet, roosters huddling in a cold room or a mute projection of a Lips on a wall. The house was transformed into a state of being and created new moments of 'being there'.
Asim Waqif
showcased a massive installation titled ‘Hazard!’, comprising of bamboo, rope and sound-sensitive video-projection, which came alive with interactive projection mapping. The content on the installation reacted to the ambient sound. Each word on the bamboo was set to a particular frequency of sound, and it only moved when that frequency of sound was detected. Making it an immersive and inclusive space for the audience.
The works exhibited at the Outset India launch created an evocative environment for the visitors.
Outset Contemporary Art Fund’s Indian chapter, Outset India was established in 2011 by Feroze Gujral. Outset India is a philanthropic organization dedicated to supporting new art through private funding at public spaces. It provides a platform for contemporary art in India, and for Indian artists abroad. The organization aims to offer vital support for artists and art organizations.
  • Jan 20 2011 - Jan 20 2011

  • 24 Jor Bagh, New Delhi, India

  • Peter Nagy

  • Outset India

  • Asim Waqif

  • Paribartana Mohanty

  • Vishal K Dar