Jan 7 2023 - Jan 7 2023

PIPIO – A bird flies, a stone is thrown at India Art Fair 2023

The Gujral Foundation was delighted to present the Première of ‘Pipio: a bird flies, a stone is thrown’, a film by Payal Arya and Aditi Kulkarni, showcased at the India Art Fair 2023, Booth K2 (The Studio) from 9th to 12th February 2023.
The world is at constant war on various fronts, often leaving some of us as silent watchers, helpless bystanders. The film offered a glance into Europe’s war-torn landscape, juxtaposing the current state of the world with the devastation of World War II. Contemporary awareness of our collective global state has been at the forefront of the foundation’s mindset.
Creating an enduring connection between past, present, and future, and witness, victim, and perpetrator, ‘PIPIO: a bird flies, a stone is thrown’, considered the phenomenon of cyclical time and questioned our collective global histories. Probing the position of the bystander, the film called for the inherent need for action, and explored the vulnerability of helplessness.
Pipio followed the journey of a woman who confronts her past which pushes us to think about individual and collective guilt, and how long one holds onto it. Who has the power to relieve it and is there any redemption? The film dwelled on the negotiation between the witness, victim, and perpetrator which is as an unsettling continuous ripple where an image of the past is thought of in today’s time and in a moment in the future.
With freedom being the most powerful currency in today’s climate, the film commented on individual and collective guilt, and the perpetuity in our repeated histories.
“Pipio: A bird flies, a stone is thrown by Aditi Kulkarni and Payal Arya is a 14-minute short film that produces longer thoughts which will linger still longer because of the way they make tenses meet – Past, Present and Future through memories and symbology. It is a multivalent chamber of myth and reality, act and anguish, crime and confession, individual and collective, bird and stone, stone that kills and the stone that builds, peace and war that devastates mankind that moves on space and time. These theses and anti-theses have been witnessing over generations, the only constant is Time, it is not the straight line that the film constructs, it is as random and fragmentary as memory could be.
The woman in the film, propelling the narrative monologues, "Memories orbit quietly until they once again collide with the present.” It is this spatial-temporal collision that creates its gravitational force in its lightness or heaviness of being, apple or stone!
Pipio, the film, is a disturbing piece in perpetuity, always a work-in-progress, where Time acts as Sutradhar, the thread-holder.” – Amrit Gangar (Mumbai-based film critic, theorist, curator, historian)
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Pipio: a bird flies, a stone is thrown Film Duration - 13:51 Format - 1.66:1 (European widescreen) Screening Frequency – Every 15 minutes
  • Jan 7 2023 - Jan 7 2023

  • NSIC Grounds, New Delhi