Nov 13 2017 - Nov 13 2017

‘Removed in Action’

The evening presented an exciting opportunity to participate in American artist Eric Pickersgill's ongoing global project. We invited art, photography, and technology enthusiasts to join us at Studio G-spot, to interact and engage with the artist and be photographed in his new series #tlkn.
The evening kicked off with Eric’s journey into photography and he spoke about the interventions that he explored through his work. It was an insightful discussion about technology and its effects on art and life. This was followed by the audience getting a chance to participate in Eric’s viral project ‘Removed’ where he lined the audience up and at the last moment slipped away the phones in their hands leaving them to stare their palms.
  Eric Pickersgill is a lens-based artist, widely known for his series 'Removed'. In this series, the artist explores the relationship of technology with our daily lives, creating visibility of its effects through invisibility. Know more about the project at
  • Nov 13 2017 - Nov 13 2017

  • 125 Meherchand Market, New Delhi, India

  • Eric Pickersgill