Sep 10 2021 - Sep 10 2021


Vuedemic Short Film Festival 2021
Vuedemic, the film counterpart of Artdemic, in collaboration with The Gujral Foundation and Harkat Studios are delighted to present an all-encompassing selection of unique audio-visual work, in a 3-day online short-film festival from 17th – 19th September 2021 on the Harkat Live platform. We’re honoured to be one of the first platforms in South Asia organizing an event like this.
The first ever Wild Vueing Weekend will take audiences through a range of films, exploring both the art film space as well as narrative shorts. Coming from a variety of makers, these films are loosely tied by their introspective approach and artistic nature. Harkat Studios has created the programme for the festival.
Our jury comprises of the talented teams at The Gujral Foundation and Harkat Studios. We have exciting prizes up for grabs for the filmmakers who come first, second and third during the Wild Vueing Weekend.
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Day 1 | Fever Dreams
Fever Dreams witnesses the premiere of artist Sajid Wajid Shaikh’s Why are you wearing that stupid man suit?. This opening film sets the context for a program that marries both realism and surrealism, introspection and outward reflections. What comes after plays out like a vivid sensory dream, guiding you through fragments of stories and thoughts, inviting the viewer to piece them together; a visual puzzle of sorts. We’re excited to present audiences with a collection of experimental video-art pieces: including captivating animations, video-collages, and various audio-visual explorations.
Day 2 | Slam Book
Embodying the intimate yet collective nature of a slam book, this programme is bound together like a diverse group of friends. They have distinct personalities — some are loud, some shy, others envelope you in a warm embrace the moment you see them. Slam Book is a hybrid selection of experimental happenings, flowing into narrative bodies of work. These are audio-visual journeys navigating identity, politics and self. The programme in its entirety is a filmic flip-through of personal histories.
  Day 3 | Bittersweet
Bittersweet serves as an epilogue to the festival, with shared sentiments of the days gone by, however expanding into its own body. In these slice of life shorts, you will find a mix of nostalgia, longing, pain, and patience. These films observe, document and traverse through their makers’ worlds with individualistic approaches, as well as through the lens of a community. The programme and festival will be closed by filmmaker Payal Kapadia’s The Last Mango Before the Monsoon.
  • Sep 10 2021 - Sep 10 2021

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