Sep 28 2020 - Sep 28 2020

Gujral Award

The Gujral Prize is awarded to our most dedicated artist each year. It is a fund left by the amazing Gujral family to recognize talent and dedication within Art and Design. Each year the winner receives a trophy and a prize of an all-expenses paid art course of their choice. Previous winners have attended summer courses in Amsterdam, Italy, and in London to enhance their artistic abilities and keep their passion in Art alive.
This year our Winner isĀ Evie Watson. Evie was shown amazing dedication to Art and supported the department regularly. She was an amazing artist whose work resonated with everyone on a personal level. She is a truly deserving artist of the year and should be so proud of her achievements. She has grown into a very talented painter and can turn her hand on any subject to create wonderful artwork. She was a clear winner this year with her wonderful personality keeping the whole group going in the department. Well done Evie.
  • Sep 28 2020 - Sep 28 2020

  • Scotland, UK

sep 29 2020 – oct 5 2020