Jan 27 2012 - Jan 27 2012

Khoj Live 12

The Gujral Foundation in association with Outset India supported KHOJLIVE12, an evening of live performances curated by KHOJ International Artists’ Association, which happened during India Art Fair 2012.
KHOJLIVE12 showcased thirteen works by artists working across contemporary dance, sound, fashion and gaming. While a number of artists pushed the boundaries of their respective practices using choreography, design and languages of the digital era, others actively sought interaction and audience participation, challenging the traditional relationship of audience as passive spectator.
Some of the artists who presented new and re-contextualised works were Subodh Gupta, Vivan Sundaram, Pushpamala N & Mamta Sagar, Amitesh Grover, Diya Naidu of Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts, Eryck Abecassis & Sonic Tree Natives, Hemant SK, Inder Salim, Neha Choksi and Rashmi Kaleka.
Through the course of the evening performances unfolded across the venue and transformed The Kila’s diverse set of spaces – a state of the art music club, a sprawling terrace, a central courtyard, a museum of film and art and a store for designer wear – into an active laboratory of new ideas, forms and experiences for artists and audiences alike.
  • Jan 27 2012 - Jan 27 2012

  • Qutub Qila, New Delhi, India

  • Khoj International Artists Association

Co Support
  • Outset India

  • Khoj International Artists Association

  • Amitesh Grover

  • Diya Naidu

  • Eryck Abecassis

  • Hemant Sreekumar

  • Inder Salim

  • Mamta Sagar

  • Neha Choksi

  • Pushpamala N

  • Rashmi Kaleka

  • Sonic Tree Natives

  • Subodh Gupta

  • Vivan Sundaram