Dec 16 2019 - Dec 16 2019

Winter School: INCEPT

  As part of this collaboration with CEPT University, the Gujral Foundation hosted a course by New York-based architect Suchi Reddy titled 'Feeling for the Future: Sensory Architecture' from 16th - 21st, December 2019 at CEPT Campus, Ahmedabad. In the course, the students examined contemporary architectural experiences through the lens of Neuroaesthetics, Neurophenomenology, and Sensory Design, with the goal of informing our built world through an expanded vision of the ways in which architecture can influence emotional and physical well-being. Drawing on current research on the response of the body to aesthetic, sensory, and contemplative experiences, and mapping strategies at the intersection of technology and science, the students developed a project made of three parts, using the archetype of the house.
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  • Dec 16 2019 - Dec 16 2019

  • CEPT University, Ahmedabad, India

  • Suchi Reddy